Sunday, October 31, 2010

Maroon 5

Monday morning,rain is pouring. I'm sitting in a jav. It's 8:40. I should be on Thika Road by now,on my way to my 9 o'clock class. I get the feeling I'm going to be late. Luckily,this class isn't one of those ones that there'll be hell to pay for if I'm late. The lecturer's kinda cute. (I say kinda when I mean is,but you're not supposed to say such things about your lecturers,so I'm trying to downplay the situation. Without much success.)

The traffic is so bad,the jav decides to take the alternative and illegal route. Unfortunately,he decides this in the middle of the journey with a careless 'Wacha waseme.' Thus,disgruntled customers have to get off the jav. I totally sympathize. Not the greatest way to start a Monday. He probably has a lot of bad karma being sent his way. I,however,am listening to Rock steady on Classic. Whoop. Nothing like soul to make you forget about the drudgery of education.

Still in traffic. I look up to the apartments that we're passing by,and there's a dude calmly sitting on his balcony,taking a smoke,watching the traffic with the unconcerned air of one who won't have to bother with it today. I envy him with a deep envy that only those lodged in between a ditch and a truck seeing their life flash before their eyes can appreciate.

And all of a sudden,I am seized by a flash of inspiration. That's what I should do with my life! To avoid traffic,stuffy javs,waking up at ungodly hours and such mundane yet depressing events...I should become a housewife. I could wake up at 10,and leisurely have breakfast on my balcony while chortling elegantly at the poor suckers down below,have lunch at 2,supervise the could be a wonderful world. Like Zain. The hardest thing I'd do all day would be to put on negligee for one he shows up. Unless that would be too much energy in itself. Which,if you look at the bigger picture,is a good thing. I could stay up late watching TCM movies,and sipping hot chocolate by an electric fire oh look the traffic's moving.


  1. Are you really ready for the uneventful lifestyle of a housewife??? The tSN in you won't let you, most definitely... [I have a relative in Australia making $$ cooking chapos and what not for Kenyans who are being slave driven there, very relaxing for her and she ain't really complaining economically either...consider this a hint!]

  2. I read and read then I see you say 'hot chocolate' intead of 'tea' and I want to bite you!
    You may ask why that is what made me bite you seeing as the revelations you've made are astonishing to some but you should know that I TOTALLY relate with you because:
    1) I have amazing heels that I can't wear into javs
    2) 3/4 of the guys in lavi javs arefrom Kawangware and strictly do not believe in showering!
    3) It was raining today and I did my hair this weekend (you need to see my hair)
    4) I c an't really write the rest for public display so I shall text :)

  3. u wud b a combination of pretty and lazy! Hehehe...

  4. This blog won't survive being authored by a housewife. For one, you wrote this one in traffic! The rat race feeds your inspiration, girl!

  5. This lack of faith in my housewifely skills is rather disheartening! I mean, ok,so I don't look like the conventional sort... @willpress,I can't cook,but that's what help is for. :o) @Ruman you guy that policy is strict! it's like there's a serious punishment for letting soap near you. Shall I change it to tea? :o) @Ted...well,at least I'll be pretty. :o) :D @antony you are a wise one indeed. Aluta continua :o)