Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Of Wiles and Women

Ideally,a manfast is me not doing anything with any men-or boys-or males,generally-for a pre-arranged period of time. Who agrees amongst themselves? Me. Though this does tend to make me sound schizophrenic.

Thing is,I'm not good at keeping away. As is clearly evidenced,the male species is the exact definition of a paradox of desires. I want,but then again,I really,really don't.

Maybe the real problem is I know too many boys. Age makes no difference here,I might add. So what does? I guess maturity. And what defines maturity? Different things for different-ok that's another post. But yeah. Too many boys. And I'm a woman. Hear me roar.

Now,the type of woman I am is the assertive type. You know the kind-I know what I want,and I am more likely to go out and get it instead of sitting in a corner in the club waiting for you to notice how cute I look. Games tire me-but that could have more to do with laziness than womanhood. I'm beginning to think,though,that the assertive woman is a dying breed. Men (boys?),for some reason,are into a subservient breed of woman who just lets them take control. I've had a couple of arguments in the past week about how a woman should let the man control the joint bank account that she finances because he doesn't have a job. !!! Then again,I'm not married,so how would I know what works.

I digress. Sometimes I think my aggression may be the reason I get myself into man trouble. It may set a precedent for a man to stop working for me because he knows I'm going to do all the work. (Then again,it may not) So I decided,I'm going to stop hitting on guys,and let them come to me. This alien concept would go for a month. And then maybe I could finally prove if it's them-or me.

Day 1.


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  1. I just wanted to be the first comment. Just to know that someone's reading my stuff.

  2. :-) :-) good luck on the man fast... :-) and you know i totally agree on the boys thing age doesnt matter most of the male species iv gotten to know are still boys.....

  3. Yes tSN, age definitely doesn't make a difference with certain individuals ;D & HOW were you actually arguing about the whole account control issue? Rather, with who?? No seriously, if the loser doesn't have a job, where exactly are his control rights coming from? (Just to assert my position coz it's basic logic, really..[& not to win the hearts of attractive female feminists. Of course, if that were to happen, I honestly wouldn't mind. In fact, I welcome advances from whoever deems my opinion sound & worthy of acknowledgment &, for the purposes of this unlikely campaign, reward. #beam!]) People need to stop getting the whole submission thing twisted...& I'm not even married...
    ps. tSN has all my contacts ;)

  4. ROTFL. Kaimuri,of course we're in total agreement. Brian,indeed I do. Lol. But you see,the guys I was 'arguing' with feel like a man has to feel like he's the 'king',and he won't feel like that if the woman has financial control,particularly if she lords it over him. There's a reason why people say your husband is your first kid. But I think guys need to get that women will submit if you give them a good enough reason to...

  5. tSN... Gudstuf here... Lemie know how it goes too wit da manfast... Yeah men can b kids, MOST of the tym. Our serious syd is reserved for academix or ruthlesly enduring situations lyk job hunting, task execution etc. Byond dat. We play, a lot. I think im speakin mostly 4 maself here. Dnt kno bwt women, bt it gets to a man if u gat mo munde than him period. Plus, chics, u realy know hw to let tha man b the king and u the queen he sees u to b. Kudoz y'al!

  6. Really? You blame difficulties on either your laziness or his? I died rolling of laughter!!!
    I also checked out the blog you recommended. :) Thanks.

  7. Games are tiring, being yourself is "not recommened", when you try to be subtle you tire quicker (yes, it takes a whole lot of energy to remain still when, really, you want to tango!)
    Yuck! Complications....
    All in all, you are sexy and wild and succulent!

  8. Loving the blogs! Just wanted to say that you are wrong about men loving subservient women (well mzungus like myself anyway!)

    White men like assertive strong women (which is why we are often attracted towards african women) and white women often like strong controlling men (which is why they prefer black males in general)

    Just my opinion of course, but I live and breathe as evidence of it and think many other european men agree