Thursday, May 22, 2014

Film: Endless Love

Look, it wasn't my choice to revive this section of the blog with a flimsy flick such as this.

Ok, I guess it was, because it's my blog.

But those are just details. Aaaanyhue...

Ati Say Goodbye To Innocence. Say goodbye to all those minutes you'll never get back, especially because you clogged them up with this cheesy ridiculousness.
Like I said, flimsy flick. Oh, teenagers, oh forbidden love, oh they both have a shadowed past, ooooh, he shows her how to live again, bla bla bla snore.
It kept getting me to the point where I thought I was going to cry, but it wasn't enough of a tear jerker to take me all the way, you know? Except like at the EEEEEND, and that scene wasn't even about the main characters. What I'm saying is, I have Movie Tear Blue Balls. They owed me, what with the sappy title. They promised me things. Ugh, I should have known. #AlexPettyfer (he was in Beastly, which I don't know how anyone who was in it didn't run away screaming from its idiocy. Yes, that includes you, Neil Patrick Harris. For SHAME.)

Don't bother with this unless you like silly sappiness that goes beyond the point of being fun. It gets like a 1 and a half.
Oh, but there IS one seriously funny dude in it - the only black guy, a chap called Dayo Okeniyi, who, as it turns out, was in Hunger Games (Thresh) and is a) half Nigerian and half-Kenyan (it was only a matter of time before these two made strongjawed lovebabies, no?) and b) is going to be in Terminator Genesis. You Kenyans. Just TAAAAAKING over.

(but not, in the cinema. For this movie. Get out. Out out out.)


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