Friday, February 1, 2013

January's main disappointments

...were 4. we can begin with my wallet, which was unreliable at best, but at least there were highs and lows that were spread out as opposed to one looooong looooow. Is it payday yet?

Number 2 was I finally finished season 8 of Weeds. I'd been putting it off for quite a bit. I am NOT ready to say goodbye to Nancy and Andy and Shane and *rawrrr* Silas. Who would be? And how else will you know I watch it avidly unless I say all their names?

I felt unfinished when I finished. I didn't want it to end like that, aside from not wanting it to end, period. So in the end...

I feel like I am the one who got smoked.

Number 3...finishing Mad Men season 5. So clearly I have abandonment issues. If I did not like how Weeds ended, I liked even less how Mad Men ended. So bloody unmemorable. At least there is a hope of a season 6. Ah, Christina Hendricks. *I must stop here*

And finally...

I am never watching a Quentin Tarantino movie again. I don't think I can hack. He is too much for me, nor will he seduce me with putting Brad Pitt in it or Jamie Foxx. I won't do it, I tell you! So I watched Django Unchained and was simultaneously traumatized and wowed. I loved the cinematography. I hated the dogs and the slavery and the chains...I don't know how those folks hacked and did not kill/butcher/maim/paralyze/decapitate/do something out of a Stephen King, preferably Misery to every white man within a thousand mile radius. How did they let them live? I do not have that much Christian in me. As in as in as in? And what traumatizes me even further is the thought that what QT showed in that movie is probs the bare minimum of what they actually had to go through (like Passion of the Christ, *shiver*)

I generally liked the idea of the movie, just not how QT did it. I enjoyed the script immensely - Leo DC has never lost it, Jamie Foxx - so surprising not to see him ever smile - the soundtrack was amusing, to say in the least, Samuel L and CHRISTOPH WALTZ especially were supreme...yeah. I would give it a solid 3. If you are a dude, you'll probs give it a 4. Much like the entire (useless) Fast and Furious franchise (ok, just 2...3...4...5...and they are making 6, aren't they?), I am way too female for this movie.

I couldn't resist.


p.s. Ah, and then there was food poisoning at the end of January which started when I walked into the office bathrooms and there was no tissue in all three stalls. *sigh* See, it is for situations like these that I ALWAYS carry my phone to the loo. ALWAYS.


  1. To answer you question about the slaves.

  2. i loved the 5ht season of mad men but i can't remember how it ended no matter how i tried, i read an interview done by the creator though and he said he wished that everyone would rewatch the last ten minutes of the season finale just before they watch the sixth season so perharps it will all make sense(and hopefully be more memorable then)