Monday, January 21, 2013

Regrets and Jamaica

I spent rent money on a phone that doesn't work as well as it should, and now I feel bad. It's like, if you pay for something, it should work (TIK). Like when I go to Art Caffe. Why are there flies on food that costs so much?

Long have I kept faithful to my beloved Nokia...but we all know what happens when shit gets abusive (I now own THREE modems. They think I'll stay? They think I'll stay? AIN'T GOT NO TIME FOR DAT.). My Nokias are getting a tad abusive. The C2 was nice for a while, though I did not expect much from it...actually, it's the one saving me now, nisiidharau. The one for now, the E5?

-Flashlight no work
-Adobe no read
-One side earphone no work
-Hang long time
-No do de Twitter multiple accounts
-Switch off when it feel
-Nokia Store be a lie

Nokia, Y U NO be faithful? Why you de force me to go android?



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  1. LOL-est!And the chants go - "Android! Android! Android!"

  2. If you get your money back then i support the Android chant. However how Jamaica plays into this is lost on me lol

    1. Lol. There is a song that goes Nobody can cross it...look it up...and, there's pidgin smattered all over the place. Ah, Nia. LOL.