Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tomorrow never comes

Great Sidney Sheldon book. Though to be fair, I can't think of a single one I did not like. What does that phrase even mean? Isn't tomorrow here when today is over? Or is it because the statement is never true?

I am awake at ungodly hours trying to learn how to type properly and downloading oodles of joyful things, like Weeds Season 8) (oh, it's just said it has finished downloading Brokeback Mountain, which I have never watched. I know, I know. I am making up for lost itme with a Heath marathon, started by 10 things I hate about you on KTN last Saturday night). Dude. That home row is killing me LOL. See if I had free internets in my life, I would never get off the couch. The leather so soft...

I am also moving. Again. (can you imagine, this is the first time I have signed a lease? It says I year. I feel so grown. In a year, will I have to move out because I have bought my own home/farm/jet/stripper pole?) Foreverland has told me forever and tomorrow never come, and forever is but a place where dreams go to laugh at humans and all their naivete. Gosh that sounds morbid. Ignore that paragraph.

I don't have a car, and I do not feel like asking for one. I will probably cab it. I'm also heavily in debt in life (because I cannot afford my life. Can people really? Oh, I know people who do...adults. Ha.) but I think I have a plan, and it seems like a sound plan, so that is what I am going with. I am nothing if not confident, even in the face of the butterflies fleeing from my wallet. Not for long now!

My jobless friends may be coming to help me move; jobless friends are useful people (in my world, they call them freelancers. We like to stick together, a merry little band). I mean, they're not Cube Movers (ah, simple rich people dreams...stop laughing at me, forever!) but two of them (the most morbid person I know, and the other such a neat freak that she cleans house when she's stoned. Like, that's her first instinct. Oooh, puff puf...clean. Yeah.), but they're really as close as I can get to professional service, just that I do not have to pay for it (the best kind of sluts. No? Ok.)

The point is (I think), I am MOVING! (now to think of a new name for my new spot) Yay! Change! I said I would, and I did. *cue Mariah Carey*



p.s. Trying not to encourage my addiction to coconut macaroons (sp?) at Paul Cookieman's. Why is it in town? So easy access, like a bikini. Ah, me.
p.s. Biko...


  1. it seems you are doing the country a favour by putting those freelancers to work!

  2. I am wondering why we were not mentioned as coming to help you clean? And help we did. Hadi I was there all night!

    1.'s a bit about freelancers yawa?

  3. Cleans when she's stoned... Fat One. You are so dead right now.