Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grown folk bidness, part 1

I feel the rush of adulthood churning in my veins!! And thus, dear readers, you all must share it with me, for upon this new frontier that I am planning to traverse, I can have no end of well wishes, prayers, and donations. It has been a long time coming, but finally, opportunity presented itself in all its glorious, overall-wearing array. Oh how I danced with opportunity, he who resembles a janitor! How I cajoled - and still continue to - with he who loans me his wings to fly above the sky of my circumstance; he who I hope will not let me fall.

Basically, I'm moving out.

Hence the verbiage! I am too excited to talk straight, LOL. Gosh. So excited! When I can talk straight I will describe the process. In the meantime, all ye who have already grabbed self-determination tightly to your breasts (which you should go have checked lol), what are the 4 things you found you could not live without when you moved out? Sufuria? Pasi? Meza, makaa, meko? (I find alliteration makes life so much sweeter) Hit an independent sista up! #noChrisBrown

Also. Dish out all'a dat spare ish you know you have lying around the digz #soIknowitsreal. Hehe.



  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Now where should we start? You have a bed, right?

  3. Lenga the bed, all you really need is a mattress. If you don't sleep on the floor for a month or two what horror stories will you tell your kids/admirers/younger-cousins-in-need-of-advice? What i found really necessary was the afore-mentioned mattress, curtains to prevent flashing passers-by, and a fridge. (I live in Mombasa, so the fridge wasn't really an option)

  4. How did the paros agree to this? :-o
    cuzn in London :)

  5. :o) Yes, Reumac, I have a bed. Yay! :o)

    @Anon What children? I'ma tell them to buy a bed lol. Curtains, definitely. fridge, not so much, but then again, I do not live in Mombasa. :o)

    @Anon2 Why hide behind this anonymous business, family? Yawa. Lol. I too, am still in shock. :o)

    @D.od Dhaaaangk! :o)

  6. Congrats are in order (raises glass)
    HOWEVER....Ok I'm messing with you.
    Let's let you meet the annoying tenant who always wants to tell you just how shitty the economy is...or the landlord with the dubious late night questions (coz you so pweeery!)
    Or the crazy neighbourhood kids who can smell a good cook from Morocco..
    Ok, I'm messing with you.
    This is gonna be fantastic! :)
    *sniff* They grow up so fast....

  7. @untonyto It's so on!!

    @Noelle lol. My landlord already... *side eye* Cook??

  8. Kifagio! that you need

  9. Your excitement is palpable! According to my pal,all you need that first month is a bed, meko, a sufuria, two glasses, two plates and two forks (for take-away fries,lol). Congrats!

  10. Tomorrow is the big MOVE day, so i will repeat myself and tell you that am happy for you and very proud of you. 1st in the crew to move out, cheers!! now the rest of us can answer every of our parents' nagging questions with 'but abby's MOVED out!! surely!'
    and seeing as i havent moved out, i cant offer solid advice, follow everyone's advice above. and for Christ's Sake (hehe, inside joke here) please have drinks at all times. Maybe what you (read 'we') need is a wine cabinet, and we, i mean you, should start stocking up asap. Dehydration is bad for your health.

  11. Hahaha i remember when i moved out on my own own!!(moved out once before but with pals)...Things you dont think youl need but you will...
    1. Mwiko (No one ever remembers until you actually want to stir something your cooking)..
    2. Salt!! (Unless you dont use it)
    3. Teaspoons (so important)
    4. Kitchen towel (its annoying to wipe hands on tshirt and jeans all the time)
    5. Microwave...(A must have for a girl!!)
    6. Fridge...(unless you want to be cooking everyday this and No. 4 will be your best friends!)
    7. When your broke the END (i.e. Cant even afford fries) Noodles will come in handy...I ate alot of them (Am still scarred I cannot eat them anymore)
    You will LOVE living on your own although it will be a bitch at times...Enjoy :)- Anonymous Wairu.

  12. Te he? What items? You start from scratch! I mean, scrubbing the floor, and the rest began to fall in place.
    Oh, the horror stories I have!
    *To new found freedom*
    And yes (spoiler alert) The more freedom you get, the more it binds ;)