Friday, November 12, 2010

Idiots should have badges so we can quickly identify and avoid *cough confine cough* them aka stay at home if I think you shouldn't be let out in public aka In a parallel universe,you're extinct because your species has been phased out.

Now,you all know I am Supporter Numero Uno of enthusiastic drug use. Penicillin,Ponstan,Piriton,you name it,I'll endorse it. But sometimes,I'm wrong about drugs. Yes. I just admitted that it is possible for me to be wrong. This happens once maybe every 5 years (euphemism for decade)

The Girls and I were at the club over the weekend. Good times were had all around,and at the end of the night we all bundled into the car. SNK backed it up (the car) into the alley and then another car randomly appeared and refused to budge.

So we ask dude to move his car. He's like no. And moves it closer. We're thinking ok what's dude's plan here...PK gets out of the car to ask him to move back and he just moves it closer...and closer...we're hypeventilating now,and then with one final nudge,dude deliberately hits the bumper.

We got out of the car,but there was no point. Dude was ridiculously drunk and for some reason he felt like he had a point to prove,and he thought he was right. There was no ati making the sot see logic. So we got into the car and drove away.

I could wax lyrical for a while on the evils of idiots who can't handle their liquor. But I've heard it all before,as have you. I'm currently taking comfort in the fact that karma has to exist-either he'll be fired,jailed,**** or I get to meet him in a dark alley. Something's gotta give. Sijui they should only start giving out alcohol if you have a maturity license with past offences and everything? Oh,was THAT the point of the constitution?

In other news,Mr. M. wants to come for a wedding with me. Next post.


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