Friday, November 23, 2012

The Sunny Side

I swear I wrote this post ages ago and then something happened and then...well, I'm here now.

Hello, folks! It's been a while. Things have changed in my life, which will be blogged about at a later date (I hope. I pray). I will just say, the major change was The Move from Foreverland to The Sunny Side (cue dancing from Singing in the Rain). This has had an impact on several areas of my life, namely:

1. I have not unpacked because I have to install shelves because it is a studio apartment.

2. No unpacking means for two weeks means I have worn the same jeans an embarrassing number of times within those two weeks (thank goodness for days I stay home and wear pyjamas).

3. It is on the 6th floor. I will never go to the gym again.

4. The view is awesome, both for flights and fights. I was watching one the other day at 3 a.m. Chick was screaming like a banshee about her brother's girlfriend. Refused to let him go with her. Sat her arse down in the middle of the street, talmbout he ain't going nowhere with that heifer. Tv? Y'all still do that?

5. There is a, outside, and a mosque, so at odd hours (i.e. 5 a.m., after the fights are done) the Imam and rooster do a collabo. But I can sleep through a cock (haaaaaaaaaaa), or a tornado (I slept through those quakes for Nai. Remember those mini-quakes?)...I mean, the only thing that wakes me up is my alarm clock. Not a cock. (I couldn't resist)

I love that there's more people I know around me, and two hospitals down the road (I mean, they don't take my insurance, but they'll do in a pinch). I love that I haven't been near The Death Highway in ages, and that my local is a supermarket a 10 minute walk away (see? No gym. Ever again). The elec prepaid meter irritates me (no, I am not going to put in more unless I absolutely have to -ha!- and quit the beeping. It's like a baby.), but I guess it was going to get to me anyway. All the caretakers know my name (c'mon, c'mon say my name!)

I like it here. (on the sunnyyyy/side of the street)


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Film: Brave

I watched Brave, and it freaked me out. Like, I was genuinely scared. There was a darkness in it that I felt was not meant for tois, bana.

Aside from the untrue GE rating...the graphics were good. I liked the accents (who doesn't like Scots? And they paid tribute to Braveheart. You can't not like that either), I liked the characters, and the visual effects were very well done. I also liked that the whole hero-heroine Disney trend was not a cliche. So glad I didn't watch it in a cinema. I would've been climbing up the walls and shii. I give it a 3 out of 5.


p.s. Caved and got the Total Recall dvd...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Book: Something Borrowed

I dunno what the chances are that one can have one title for two different books about two totally different things, but I guess with chicklit, it was only a matter of time (particularly when the title is a line from marital vows. There's probs 4 other ones). I just finished reading Something Borrowed by Martina Reilly (I love those Irish lasses. #teamMarianKeyes) a month after I read Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin (and I have just finished Something Blue by her as well, so here goes).

I was pleasantly surprised by this lassie. I read the book and watched the movie (and of course there were inconsistencies) and they were both pretty good. It's about the classic mousy sidekick who falls in love with her shallow diva best friend's fiancee. As far as chicklit goes, it's a strong 3.

Meh. That's all I have to say about this sequel. I don't know why people do sequels. It's almost never a good idea, unless it's LOTR or WOT, or...Sweet Valley. This one is about what happens to the shallow diva best friend after the fiasco. I didn't like the character development, or where she decided to go with the story (especially because I saw it coming...though to be fair, it's chicklit. You always see it coming.), but I got to the end of the book, which is a lot more than I can say for George Martin's (GOT guy) Fevre Dream, which I could not get past page 100. It gets a strong 2, I guess. Meh...

Yay! The Irish! I love it all. Leprechauns and shamrocks espesh. This one's about a girl who is adopted and wants to find her birth mother, on the road to conquering truths about her life and herself, and everything she thought to be real. I also quite liked this girl. She writes very simply. She is not into ati description or anything too fancy, which is exactly how I like my written material to be. Frills are nice, but sometimes, you want to keep it basic. In fact, she is almost too basic. I almost didn't like her, until I discovered that basic is really the way to get to the heartstrings. I felt tears more than once aching to get out and I had to remind myself I'm not a crier. Not really. I did like this one, and I didn't think I was going to. A strong 3.


p.s. Watched Skyfall yet?