Monday, November 7, 2011

Grown folk bidness, part 3


You will all be pleased to know that I have purchased a few things for my humble abode (I'm really not kidding with the humble part),and I am now the proud owner of several household items,some of which include a torch,a mwiko,not one but FOUR sufurias,and a bed (WITH a mattress!), all of which I am resisting the urge to label with my name in permanent marker like I'm in high school.

Moving was a bit of drama. I started moving into the place at 5 p.m. because the dodgy ex-tenant hadn't left yet. But it was done,and thanks to the wonderful helping hands of @chichikimani and @arungaian,it went much faster than it would have done had I been going at it alone.

Then I realized that the bed I was given by my brother had no screws. Because I have never had to assemble a bed before,I had no idea I even needed screws. To which I was asked,kwani you think it's Lego?


I like my place. Can you believe that? My place. All of a sudden,any song that has the word 'independent' is MY JAM. However,I am thinking of moving again,because I have not had water in the digz since I moved in. I managed to find the one place in Mordor,a well-known arid,desert-like and generally evil-involving area (as one can gather from the name),where the landlord doesn't have a tank. It's one week and counting. I'm pretty gangsta,but even *I* can't hack.

ION,people in this our Nairobi actually buy and use butt cutlets,to the point that they're sold out in shops.




  1. *so proud* well, up until the screws part... really Abi?

  2. make sure the next place you move to has bore-hole water. you'll only have to buy drinking water.

  3. @thereal What now?

    @lkp :D But for real so now how now was I supposed to know...

    @untonyto HA! :o)

    @emy *sigh* NOW she tells me. Lol.

  4. Yeeeeeey! Abi got her own place!!! I remember the time that seemed impossible... Good stoff :o)

  5. so first of all i have a feeling i would have the same temptation of marker-labelling my stuff. we are soo 844 sometimes.
    then that lego comment has made me laugh till i cried!! shown!! and i have a feeling i know where that comment came from!

  6. @Fish such growth. :o) Why is your Airtel sijui never working?

    @jnttnemo Who else? *sigh* It wasn't Raech, though. :o)

  7. Hi i saw ur post on Jackson Biko's blog and how it was treated like a Kenyan in a military uniform walking thru an al shabaab camp :)
    I think ur brave plus i like it, the post that is. am also a blogger and i was kinda hopin u wld check out my blog and tell me wat u think about it considering that i like ur style. the blog: I wld really appreciate ur thots.

  8. "ION,people in this our Nairobi actually buy and use butt cutlets,to the point that they're sold out in shops." hahaha...I don't believe you on this Abi!!

  9. @Ghafla FURRRR REAAAALLL!!!!!!! I swear it!!!!

    @Ma Cups Hehe! Will do.