Friday, January 29, 2010

An Essay on Space

Definition: (in thesaurus) room…breathing space…freedom…liberty…legroom…gap…opening…universe…cosmos…area…

White space: The space on a page to ease your eyes, often used by journalists and print enthusiasts to make you feel like you are not reading as much as you think you are.

Outer space: The world outside of our own that nations everywhere are fighting over, in an age-old dance of dominance, as if man could actually own land and the cosmos are in our control.

Personal space: A concept alien to most Kenyans, especially when standing in queues, that is supposed to provide breathing room, sweating room and fidgeting room. Ideally at least a hand length from the person in front of you. Again. ALIEN to most Kenyans. See also justice, logic, youthful governance.

Airspace: The area above us, often polluted with helicopters that use half of annual taxes.

Space (a) : The expansive distance between several people’s heads that results in close-minded thinking and incredible incomparable astounding stupidity.

Space (b) : Closely related to (a); an indefinable word used to express indecisiveness in relationships, supposedly to allow for better decision-making and take away a feeling of entrapment.


  1. I dont know why but suddenly I cannnot seem to get the word spaceship out of my mind.

  2. I think you need to sensitize people on PERSONAL SPACE! Its soooo non-existent in have to lyk go lyk to Westgate to experience it, and thats coz there lyk few people, lyk totally. I got dry humped at the queue in the xul cafeteria the other day, stay away from men with briefcases & old sweaters, totally.

  3. Me misses the blackbook of 'dark' poems..
    It used to space me, no doubt! :-)

  4. dry humped nigel....really.....woiiiiiii.....lets all move to,really....