Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Tsavo Diaries: Part 2


See? I have warnings again. :D

My work ethic is shit, isn't it. *sigh* Lol. Anyhue!

So I left off after we had seen the volcanic mountain lava thingy at Tsavo West. After that, we went to Mzima Springs. Which was very, very pretty. And had pretty things. :D And can apparently supply water for like 20 years for 3 cities the size of Mombasa. Aki Kenya. (these are statistics pulled from something that sounded like this. It sounded like that. I swear. Lol.)

This was the parking lot right at Mzima Springs. And the tree. And the cars.

We were instructed to go this'a way...that'a way...

And then, look! A very encouraging sign...

Next to this...

But were we deterred by the fearsome hippo skull? No! Never! We were intrepid explorers, adventurous in spirit, body and mind, going to new frontiers, beyond borders, unafraid and fearless! We LAUGHED in the face of danger!!

*there's supposed to be a link here for the Indiana Jones theme song, but BLOGGER WON'T LET ME DO IT. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH.*

And so we stepped forward, bravely,

...into the great unknown!! Piga mswaki, piga mswakiii (clap clap)

Wanipa fintiver, wanipa fintever, moyo waduntunda! Golly. To attend a disco with such again...ah, to be young...

TEREN! Because, I mean, for normal people, this sign would have made them stop, yes? Not so us!!

So I...

...stepped over this log...

...which went till here...

...and this was the side view...

...of this.

Pretty, neh? Then we met mushrooms...

On our way further down the spring...

I like the way in the first one, the leaves are unclear, then in the second one, they're clear. Such things excite me. :D We were making our way down to the little hut that is halfway in the water and halfway out that you see in this picture:

The way to which looked like so's:

Inside of which looked like so's.

So when you go down the steps...

You can look through the windows...

After reading the signs. The writing is on the wall.

Which turns out to be handy, seeing as you can literally touch the fishies from the windows. Seeing as people can be silly, and reach above the glass:

(and because one must take several pictures of the same thing)

To these little guys.

What the hell is you looking for? Can't a young fish make waves anymore??!!

On to...


Where the hippos were supposed to be at. Can you see the little ears?

But the closest I could get was with a lens, and even then...

So I got a few smaller folk, which, to be fair, imagine they're small...

And, if you look very closely, you'll see him. Dude, I love crocs. NOT the ridiculously priced shoe. The game meat (though it's been a while, and I'm not really into red meat anymore. Is crocodile meat even red meat? Or...rep meat? Ha.), and the animal. They have claws on the end of chubby baby-like arms. What's not to love??

On our way out again. Time tooooo say goodbyeeeee...

Oooooh, let's do captions! Let's!
*in FBI voice, the one at the beginning of original dvds*
WARNING: The following is for Shits and Giggles Usage only.

"I've heard of French kissing, but this is riDICulous!!"


Now you. Go!


p.s. Yeah, still no MIB3. But, ati Think Like A Man is out. Um...
p.p.s. Some photos are me, some are the man with the plan, @photosynth15.

Friday, June 22, 2012


I am writing a show.

Send me your cv and a non-slutty (i.e. one that shows you want to act not model. Not that all models are slutty, of course) picture (i.e. NOT THIS:


of you so I can see if I want you in it, to

Please remember that I am judgy.



p.s. Does a slutty (or, friendly,) girl in the post make it PG? I should have thought about this at the beginning, huh.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Film: Snow White and The Huntsman

So, Snow White, fairest in the land, evil stepmother, dwarfs, poisoned apple, blablabla. You know the drill.

The best thing about this movie, the absolute best, is the soundtrack. It's freaking fantastic. It has been a while since I heard a soundtrack and actually wanted to buy it (and to date, I still never have, lol. Does Lion King count? :o). It's apparently by the same guy who does the Game of Thrones one. Figures, because I want to marry that opening sequence (our babies would be no handful at all. HAAA.).

Charlize Theron is the next best thing about the movie. Ai, yawa. CT is a bit foxy, man. I really do not understand what people still see in Angelina Jolie. Seriously? Seriously? Kwanza there's a scene where she is chacking from a pool and it reminded me of that scene in Wanted, but it was like, a gazillion times better. #yeslesbo She's really badass in this. She does evil well (seeing as she was evil in Prometheus too. Is it becoming a thing?). The spin on the manifestation her character - all of them, really, (dwarfs, huntsman, dukes, etc) including new ones, was interesting. Poking outside of the traditional box, so to speak.

While we are on the topic of foxiness (there's something for everyone) Thor is in this movie. *sighs rapturously* And he isn't too shabby. I mean, well, he is, since his character as the town drunk is SUPPOSED to be shabby, get what I mean. (by thes, he's married and has a kid. *siiiigh*)

Kristen whatever. Twilight chick. *sigh* I almost didn't see this movie because of her. I am one of the few who loved the book and one of the millions who hated - sorry, abhored - the movies. I couldn't do it. I mean, Taylor Lautner is fwyyyyyne and everything, "How!" *raises hand* (Native Indian style) but those were just HOT MESSES. Prepubescent teenagers are just going to be a whole different generation after being exposed to such toxic waste *shudders* and -get this - LIKING it. *sighs again* Regardless, the movie went on fine with - or in spite of - her and her acting - or lack thereof (depending on what you think acting is). I think I was biased by reading an interview where she was talking about the movie and just cussing a lot. *shrugs* I'm judgy.

But dude. HER? Am I REALLY supposed to believe that her strange face is fairer than Charlize Theron's? Because...I's not rocket science. It's not even science. CT is finer than at least 87% of Caucasian females alive (a very conclusive and impartial study was done by the folks here at tSN), and KS is definitely in the lower percentile. IMH and statistically biased, ha, O. When CT asked the mirror who was the fairest of them all and he said Snow White, I was half expecting him to burst out laughing and say in a Will Smith voice, haha, jus playin, girl, you know you fine, and I'm free tomorow night. Like, the movie is not about inner beauty, or CT wouldn't have been the fairest. So if it was about outer Ama it was for ok of face and pure of heart outdoes off the charts hotness and black heart? Because if it was just outer...enyewe fairy tales are not what everyone thinks they are (in the original Little Mermaid, she dies. BTW.).

Also...this whole schism/blending thing that everyone tries to do in movies about the blending if the mystical/worldliness and Christianity (like the Borgias and True Blood. Only...I really like True Blood lol)...I am soooo not ok with it. KS says the Lord's Prayer and then goes off to FairyLand/Haunted Woods. I am Unless you are Pick a side, bana. It's that discomfort I feel when they play Stomp/Kuna Dawa in the club and people start grinding. *shudders again, more violently*

It cost 170 mil USD to make, and has made 248 mil USD so far.

I now wait for Spiderman.

I give it a 3. Soundtrack, though...ah, 3 and a half. I read a review where the guy said he would rather watch Immortals than this. Um...


p.s. Speaking if Will Smith, I plan to go see MIB3 but everyone says it
p.p.s. I've said um a lot in this post, neh?